ART Around the World - India

An On-Line ART Class - Instructor: Deena Carney - Register Anytime!

Students will explore INDIA, learning cool facts and creating amazing pieces of ART!

1 Class of Art Education each week plus  Zoom with your instructor every Saturday Morning at 10:00am MT. 

Week 1 - The Extraordinary Painted Elephants - Chalk or Oil Pastel

Week 2 - Draw the Taj Mahal and learn simple perspective and shading

Week 3 - Bengal Tiger Batik

Week 4 - Ajanta Cave Paintings - Watercolor painting while learning about ancient Indian art

Register now and you will be provided a link at the time of the first class and a short list of supplies you will need for this months class.

Scholarships are available - Let us know how we can help you - email Deena Carney at